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The Gambardella Company was founded in 1963 by Francesco Gambardella, who was head confectioner of a famous factory on the Amalfi Coast, where he started to learn his profession.

He has successfully transferred to our Company typical Amalfi Coast traditions and flavors. Our products, whether they are spirits or sweets, do not originate from sophisticated and complicated manufactures, but from very long experience.

Nowadays, despite the evolution of technics, we only make simple and natural products. We have chosen to use and make the best of our natural resources, which results in high quality and original products.

One of our best product is “Limoncello”, a typical local liqueur made with fresh picked lemons. We use the “sfusato”, a large lemon grown along the Amalfi Coast, not only in our liqueurs but also in our sweet range, such as profiteroles, delizie, chocolate and biscuits. We also produce liqueurs made with wild strawberries, bay, wild fennel, only using traditional techniques.

Last, but not least, we also make the “Concerto”, a digestive liqueur made with coffee and natural flavors, using a traditional and very old recipe.

The idea to commercialize these products and transform them into a symbol of our gastronomic tradition is born without doubt, not only by our love for the trade but also by our passion for ancient things.

Wedding Cakes

Pasticceria Gambardella prepares cakes for wedding as well as any other special occasion, in order to make the most important stages of your life an unforgettable experience. Our pastry chefs will realize for you the cake of your dreams

inspired by a series of models on which we can make customizations based on the ingredients, color effects, shape and size. We just want to prepare a cake will give a touch of sweetness both to eyes and palate to your most important moments.


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