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The Lemon

The Amalfi Coast lemon is the main ingredient of all our products. The cultivation system is the typical and traditionally adopted in the area. The most used technique consists in cultivating the plants under a structure made out of chestnut poles higher than three meters. To ensure the ripeness of the fruits, the trunk is protected from the atmospheric conditions. The harvest is usually carried out during the period from February to October: it is hand done, because the direct contact of the lemons with the ground has to be prevented. The main characteristics of the product go searched in the elliptic and symmetrical shape, in the medium-large dimensions, the colour of the yellow peel. The main ingredient of the recipe of limoncello is just the peel: the rind is in fact rich of essential oils and has an aroma much deciding.

Il Limoncello

With little healthy ingredients, the limoncello it can comfortably be prepared also from home. It takes around eighty days. In fact, according to the traditional prescription, limoncello must macerate more than two months.

In the choice of the lemons, those with much thicker peel are preferred. Just the Mediterranean climate of the Sorrento – Amalfi coast guarantees the increase of a lemon with large and perfumed peel. Alcohol is poured in a water jug and are then added pieces of aromatic rind gained from the peel. The experts advise the use of good quality alcohol, also to avoid that the liqueur is transformed in ice in the freezer. With the arrangement of the water jug covered in a dark room or in a sideboard, the first phase of production is concluded. At environment temperature, in fact, the maceration of the peel will continue and the instilled will slowly assume the aroma and the yellow of the lemon.

After approximately a month of rest, the preparation continues with the adding of a small pot of water and sugar (boiled and then left to cool down) and other alcohol. The water jug goes then newly covered and put away in the cabinet for another abundant month. After forty days approximately, the instilled goes filtered in the bottles, discarding the peels. Then the bottles go in the freezer. From the unique taste and the aroma form, the liqueur goes therefore served, without the additives and colouring agents. Limoncello is an excellent digestive if served cold. Someone prefers it to environment temperature, even stirred in tonic water or champagne.


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